BISAN Workshop on socioeconomic impacts of current subsidy system



On Wednesday 9th April 2018 the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Palestine, in cooperation with its partner organization BISAN Center for Research and Development, organized a workshop on the socioeconomic topic of the current PAs subsidy systems and its effect on the community classes, development and social justice. The workshop took place in the BISAN headquarter in the Alnahdah Building, Ramallah.

The workshop included diverse Palestinian development and socio-economic actors, intellectuals and stakeholders and focused on opening a lively debate and presenting critical knowledge on the topic. Participants received important input through the presentation of Nasser Karim, who gave an important overview of the PA’s current fiscal policy and its fiscal reality. For a more sophisticated understanding of the current system, BISAN presented findings about the historical background of fiscal policies in Palestine. Following the presentations, the participants of the two-hour workshop discussed the current policies of subsidies, privatization and increasing tax collection and tried to analyze the PA’s attitudes and performance on it. Especially the socioeconomic impact on the Palestinian population was of particular concern and they emphasized the need to pay more attention on the effects for marginalized groups in the Palestinian society in the future.