Call for Applications


FES Palestine is accepting applications for a travel agency service contract. The purpose of this call is to seek competitive prices and services for a travel agency for 12 months starting January 2019.



Technical Specifications and Standards


1. The travel agency office should be Registered and located in East-Jerusalem.

2. The travel agency services are for 12 months, commencing early 2019.


3. Quotations:

  1. The travel agency shall be able to find and present various travel options/routes and connection flights to the requested destination.
  2. As a rule, the travel agency shall find the most economic travel option to minimize transit/connection times and stopovers.
  3. The travel agency shall also provide three quotations for each travel request.
  4. Whenever FES requests a fare quotation for a particular route, the service provider shall be able to present the relevant information by email within 24 hours of the FES request.
  5. Quotations shall be available to FES for at least three working days.


4. Prices:


  1. The travel agency shall ensure that all taxes are included in the airfare quotation price.
  2. The prices provided by the travel agency should not exceed more than 30% of the amount stated online.


5. Availability:


  1. The service provider must be able to provide services, including ticket delivery, during normal working hours of FES (Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00), flexibility during weekends and holidays will be favorably viewed
  2. The travel tickets will be delivered electronically or physically to the premises of FES at least 48 hours before the time of departure. No additional charges shall be made for this delivery service.
  3. The travel agency shall notify FES of all instances, emergencies and any changes on travel tickets, which may affect travelling arrangements for FES staff.
  4. The service provider must have a hotline service for urgent requests falling outside normal working hours (the name of a contact person and telephone number must be provided)


6. Issuing tickets/ cancellation


  1. The travel agency shall reserve and issue tickets for all air and other travels if requested, upon authorization to do so by FES
  2. In the case of cancellation at short notice, the service provider shall endeavor to minimize any penalties applicable to FES. Penalties attributable to the fault of the service provider will not be accepted.


7. Proficiency and Communication


  1. Experience in the field, advising on travel arrangements, visas and passport
  2. In order to facilitate contacts and information exchange between the parties, the travel agency shall be able to process reservation, booking and delivery requests received by phone or email. To this end, the contractor should have adequately skilled personnel (Good attention to details and very organized)
  3. Proficiency in Arabic and English spoken and written


8. Payments and Invoices


  1. Invoices must indicate clearly the cost price and details of the travel tickets.
  2. Payment will be made in Israeli new shekel within 30 days of receipt of original invoices.
  3. In order to allow FES to make payments, the contractor has to have an Israeli bank account.


Following reading the call for application please proceed as follows: 

  1. If you agree/accept on our terms and standards stated please specify this in your application.
  2.  Provide FES with a sample document for travel options and cost quotations.
  3.  Provide a sample invoice.
  4.  Provide a description of the Agency including a brief history, CVs of the manager and staff who will be working on FES’s account.
Questions must be asked via email to
Please submit your applications no later than October 1, 2018.