Dr. Usama Antar


Dr. Usama Antar has served as project manager at the FES branch office in the Gaza Strip since 2005 and manages the local FES projects there. Before joining FES Dr. Antar worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Al-Azhar and Al-Aqsa Universities in political science and media studies.

In 1999 he completed his first degree in political science from the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster in Germany. His thesis was entitled “The EG/EU and the Palestinian Question”.

In July of 2004 he received his PhD following his dissertation entitled “Requirements for a Viable Palestinian State.” He speaks Arabic natively, German fluently and is proficient in English.продвижение интернет сайтовнужен юристהגנה מפני השמש במכוניתСтилусыGSM антенныгорящие путевки в мальдивымед с прополисомдатакам g9сколько стоит контекстная реклама гугл

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