FES-Shabibeh-Fatah Workshop series on “Facilitating the Debate on Social Democratic Values“


As part of a series of workshops entitled “Facilitating the Debate on Social Democratic Values“, FES, in cooperation with its partner organization Shabibeh-Fatah, conducted the remaining three workshops and concluded with a final conference in several cities throughout the West Bank in August. The fifth workshop of the series took place 4 August, 2018 in Jenin on the topic „Fatah Youth and Civil Peace“. As a warm up, the young participants conducted a brainstorming session on a common definition of civil peace and the role of Fatah Youth in safeguarding it. Furthermore, they discussed Shabibeh-Fatah’s opportunities and instruments to create and secure peace in the Palestinian society.

The following day, another workshop was conducted in Salfeet on the issue of “Fatah Youth and economic justice”. In the beginning, the participants evaluated the visions and ideas of Fatah Youth towards a fair and just economy in Palestine. In addition, they discussed on Fatah’s role in achieving economic justice for the Palestinian people. As a conclusion, the participants presented their results in a feedback and reflected on their findings, in a vivid discussion.

The last workshop of this series on 15.08.2018 was divided into three seminars which took place in the cities of Jerusalem, Jericho and Hebron. Each seminar focused on the topic of “Fatah Youth and political rights”. As an introduction, the participants dealt with the question of the value of political rights in a society and in to what extent they are able to influence it. Using different approaches on a theoretical and practical level, participants elaborated the relationship between Fatah Youth and political rights of its members in society. Overall, the participants expressed their diverging views in a lively discussion.

At the closing conference in Nablus 18 August, 2018, the results of the workshop series were summarized and reflected upon. Mahmoud al-Aloul, Fatah Central Committee member, held a speech on the issue of social democracy in the society of Palestine. Mr. Abd Takrouri highlighted the significance and opportunities of young Fatah members getting engaged in Student Councils of their universities and exerting influence there. In different group activities the young participants dealt with the questions of women in the decision making processes in Palestine, the challenges and democratic life inside and outside of Shabibeh-Fatah as well as the economic order in Palestine. In the end they presented their results and engaged in a constructive exchange of views from all the participants.

The Shabibeh-Fatah members showed great interest in aspects of social democracy and discussed certain features vividly and critically. They were highly motivated to bring essential change to the Palestinian society.