Institute of Public Policies (IPP)

The Institute for Public Policies (IPP) was founded by a group of experts in the political situation in Palestine. The driving force behind the creation of this institute came from a need to create and offer public policy based on specialized research and scientific studies in Palestine. With the absence of a public policy-making body in Palestine, IPP was launched to improve the making of the general policies in the public and private sectors and in all other political, economic and social sectors. IPP assumes the role of policy-making for bettering the Palestinian community. It reaches out to decision makers, especially youth leaders, to help them gain objective knowledge and make positive and qualitative change.גופיות לרכבраскрутка в googleоптовая продажа посуды россииукладка фанеры на пол ценаАксессуарыinfant car seat g2 – sunshade and upholstery comboформа 095 увидеорегистратор радар детектор и навигаторcar cover mazda 5