Nidal Alayasa


Nidal Alayasa has been a Program Manager at the FES office in East Jerusalem since September 2016. Before joining FES, Nidal spent more than two years as an Assistant Researcher at the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute/ MAS and a year as a lecturer at the Al-Quds University/Bard College partnership. As an undergraduate student at Swarthmore College, Nidal focused on international relations, international political economy and developmental economics while attaining a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science. After Swarthmore, Nidal graduated with a Master’s degree from the Committee on International Relations at the University of Chicago while focusing on the effects of internal politics on international relations and the composition of decision making processes in organizations.

As a program manager, Nidal will focus on economics and issues of civil society. Nidal is a native Arabic speaker and he speaks English fluently while knowing basic French.